Monday, January 3, 2011

who is that man with blue turban?

The whole school at Avignon was talking about the mad boy who challenged the Copernican theory and said that the earth was revolving around the sun!

The whole Montpellier college of medicine was talking about the student who finished his bachelors in just three years!

The whole Marseilles town was talking about the physician who miraculously saved most men from fatal disease "le charbon"(plague)!

The whole France was talking about him when their king Henry 2 died exactly as he predicted , his eye was pierced by a lance in a friendly fight!

And the whole world was talking about him for past 400 years!

But why am I talking about him?

There was also an heated argument that he had predicted the twin tower attack.

But, I am a bit fascinated by that man with blue turban, coming again and again in his quatrains and most fascinating of them is the following.

Just for fun I superimposed. Don't take it serious!

La teste bleu fera la tete blanche

(the blue leader will inflict on white leader)

autant de mal que france a faict leur bien

(as much damage as France has done them good)

mort a lanthene grand pendu sus la branche

(death from antenna hanging from the branch)

quand prins des siens le roy dira combien

(when the king asks how many of his men have captured)

First one is pretty clear man with blue turban will beat man with the white one who has the support of France.

Some say the that blue men are UN soldiers(they do wear blue helmets)
and others wildly (really wild!) guess it is our own PM (ya.. regarding turban , an exact match)

And in other quatrain he says a man from the land where three water bodies meet, having Thursday as his holy day, whose praise will cross all lands and seas bringing trouble to the east!!!

I don't know what's the holy day for our PM... but this is interesting, out of three we can rule out two, as one has Sunday and other has Friday as holy!!!

He himself said approximately 400 hundred years afterwards one man intelligent enough to decipher all my sayings will appear!

I have this strong feeling that this man mentioned is my contemporary.

Hey man! where ever you are .. do your job quickly

I want to know who is that man with blue turban?

                                                              A Tuareg man

The Tuareg are a people who inhabit the Sahara desert, relying on camel nomadism. They are sometimes called the "Blue People" because the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans stains the wearer's skin dark blue.

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